30x45 cm
Duratrans print and light box

'If memory is used in a conscious and creative capacity, it coincides with resistance, at least as much as the latter coincides with imagination'
P. Gaglianò

In a disturbing process of misplacement the first universal human imprint was installed and photographed in still mysterious neolithic caves between Sardinia and Tuscany, in a suspension between desire and imaginary, nostalgia and utopia, related to the present time. Menomèi are Illuminated hand-gloves that reveal places that failed to achieve sufficient attention. As we accepted that public monuments are an expression of hegemony and not even more a form that contains the spirit of a community, reveal 'real monuments' is an attempt to raise a renewed interest in our common origins.


Installation views at MONEO - tra segno e memoria, curated by Francesca Sassu, PAS, Progetto Altelier Sardegna, Nughedu Santa Vittoria, Oristano